Island Dragon
Habitat(s) Island Habitat
Buy 100 coins
Sell 50 coins
Exp 100
Breeding Time -None-
Incubation Time Approx. 15 seconds

Game DescriptionEdit

Sometimes these dragons feel like Tom Hanks' wilson - they get real lonely real fast. If you leave them for too long, they might start to hold grudges and are known to bite in such situations.


The Island Dragon is one of the first basic dragons in the game. It can only be obtained from the Market and not from breeding.


The Island Dragon can only be placed in an Island Habitat as it is not a hybrid dragon.

Earning RatesEdit

Level Earnings (Coinper minute) Level Earnings (Coinper minute)
1 16 6 68
2 28 7 77
3 37 8 89
4 47 9 100
5 58 10 111

Growing ChartEdit

Level Energy Level Energy
1 5 6 160
2 10 7 320
3 20 8
4 40 9
5 80 10


The Island Dragon can be evolved once it is at Level 4 and Level - respectively. The forms are shown below.


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