Desert Dragon
Habitat(s) Desert Habitat
Buy 500 coins
Sell 250 coins
Exp 500
Breeding Time -None-
Incubation Time approx. 2 hours

Game DescriptionEdit

Desert dragons are all business all the time! Cocky at times but alwyas around to listen and help you out when in need. Don't be naive though - they'll expect something in return for their efforts.


The Desert Dragon is one of the basic dragons in the game. It can only be obtained from the market and not from breeding.


The Desert Dragon can only be placed in a Desert Habitat as it is not a hybrid dragon.

Earning RatesEdit

Level Earnings (Coinper minute) Level Earnings (Coinper minute)
1 8 6
2 11 7
3 16 8
4 22 9
5 10

Growing ChartEdit

Level Energy Level Energy
1 5 6
2 10 7
3 20 8
4 40 9
5 10


The Desert Dragon can be evolved once it is at Level 4 and Level - respectively. The forms are shown below.


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